Minor Roof & Gutter Repair

Have you got a water leak???

At Gutter Clean & Garden we understand the stresses involved when it comes to water leaks. They not only can cause damage to interior ceilings and fixtures, but can create dangerous situations if water were to come in contact with electrical systems and lighting. The problem that can arise is the expense when it comes to fixing these problems. However we have simple cost effective solutions in order to help.

  1. Repair of a damaged tile
  2. Replacement of a damaged tile
  3. Removal of blockage creating a leak

With experience under our belt we strive to help.

Roof Repair gutter cleaning Brisbane

Roof Repair gutter cleaning Brisbane

To contact us:

  • Call Us On: 0433 794 755 or,
  • Email us at admin@guttercleanerbrisbane.com.au
  • Fill in the Request a Quote Form and we will contact you.

Payment Methods:

Payments can be made by:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Internet transfer
  • Credit Card

Reminder Service:

At Gutter Clean and Garden we want to make your life easy! So as part of our service we offer a complimentary reminder service. This way you never need to worry about when the last time your gutters were cleaned.


Our Number One Concern is Safety:

  • Our workers are OH&S compliant
  • Our workers are trained, well equipped and carry out safety checks on their necessary Personal Protective Equipment needed to complete any job.
  • We can supply you with Certificates of Currency for necessary Insurances such as Public Liability.

Areas we service:

  • Brisbane City and all surrounding suburbs
  • Brisbane South
  • Logan City