FAQs about Gutter Cleaning Brisbane

We often get asked questions about Gutter Cleaning by our valued customers. In an effort to help save you time we hope the following helps.

  • Why Should I Clean My Gutters?

  • If  gutters are left for long periods without being cleaned the life of the gutter can be shortened dramatically. It allows place for pests and other bacteria to grow. If you have water tanks, you can reduce the flow of precious water and risk the chance of running out, and also allow nasty bacteria to enter your water. We can help in the most efficient and cost saving ways.
  • How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

  • Every roof is different. But on average your gutters should be at least checked every 6 – 12 months. Even if you only have a few trees, foreign object do find ways to get onto your roof. Even a simple tennis ball can cause all kinds of problems.
  • Do I Need To Be Home?

  • We are always happy to meet you and discuss your requirements. However if work or personal affairs do come up, we can arrange a time suitable to you, complete the job and call you when its finished.
  • Are You Certified For Working At Heights?

  • Yes we are, our workers use safe work practice, have all the required safety equipment, and have “Working at Heights” certification. This can be shown to you if you wish.
  • Do You Have Public Liability Insurance?

  • Yes, Gutter Clean and Garden is fully insured should an accident occur.
  • Will You Clean Up?

  • As part of our service to you, we will remove all waste / debris from your property at the end of the job. As well as this we clean up all areas so you would never know we were there.
  • What Payment Methods?

  • We accept: Cash,  Cheque, or Internet Transfer                                                                                                                            
  • How Long Do I Have To Wait?

  • We try our best to do the job at a time that suits you. As well as this we offer a $30 discount to anyone who accepts the job on the day of quote and allows us to do the job while we are still there!

These are just a few of our commonly asked questions. If you would like the answers to anything else, please don’t hesitate to call us. For our contact details click here.